Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (Part I)

My family and I spent our 2013 Christmas in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. You could easily see the influence of the French by the small details, food (especially the bread), and Architecture. They also have the best coconut juice I’ve ever tasted!

Vietnam1 Vietnam2

We got lost on our first day, but that is not a bad thing. Getting lost could sometimes lead you to interesting detours. Vietnam3 Vietnam4 Vietnam5 Vietnam6 Vietnam7 Vietnam8 Vietnam9 Vietnam10

Notre Dame Cathedral.
Vietnam11 Vietnam12 Vietnam13

One thing I forgot to do when we went to Central Post Office: send myself an amazing postcard. I guess I got distracted by the architecture and goods. I felt like I was in a different time.
Vietnam14 Vietnam15 Vietnam16

The very reason why I wanted to visit Vietnam: Vermicelli noodle bowl. It didn’t disappoint me!
Vietnam17 Vietnam18 Vietnam19 Vietnam20 Vietnam21 Vietnam22 Vietnam23 Vietnam24 Vietnam25 Vietnam26 Vietnam27 Vietnam28 Vietnam29 Vietnam30 Vietnam31 Vietnam32

We ended our day by trying Vietnamese Massage. No photos, of course, but it was the best massage of my life! At first I thought it was torture because the lady danced on my back (I had a hard time breathing), but relief came after that. It was an amazing first day.

View Vietnam II (Cao Dai Temple and War Remnants Museum) photos here: https://maikaanthoni.com/2014/06/12/vietnam-ii-cao-dai-temple-war-remnants-museum/


5 thoughts on “Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (Part I)

    1. Hi michelle! Unfortunately, we cannot remember where we got our massage, but I’m pretty sure it’s 2-3 streets away from Spring Hotel. I use Canon 6D. Thank you for your kind words 🙂


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