Eikan-do Temple and Nishiki market

On our fourth day in Japan, the four of us woke up early to visit the Philosopher’s Path.

10_31_2015 110_31_2015 210_31_2015 3

Despite following the map, we found ourselves in a totally different place – Nanzen-ji Temple.

10_31_2015 410_31_2015 510_31_2015 610_31_2015 7

At the entrance of the temple, you can light some incense – like we did! We observed an elderly group of women that did it first. They would press the bottom into the sand, and with their hands, would guide the incense smoke up and towards them.

10_31_2015 910_31_2015 10

You can find several Zen gardens, or rock gardens, surrounding the temples and shrubbery. It’s truly a sight to behold.


10_31_2015 1110_31_2015 1210_31_2015 13

We found some school kids! 🙂

10_31_2015 1410_31_2015 1510_31_2015 1610_31_2015 1710_31_2015 1810_31_2015 19

After visiting temples, we went to the busy part of the city to look for food and possible souvenirs. Nishiki Market should definitely be on your itinerary if you want great food and a little bit of shopping.

10_31_2015 2010_31_2015 2110_31_2015 2310_31_2015 2210_31_2015 2410_31_2015 2510_31_2015 2610_31_2015 2710_31_2015 2810_31_2015 2910_31_2015 3010_31_2015 31


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